Oklahoma Chapter GWCT Association Officers & Members 2014

John Yudell Barton, President
331 Lakeside Drive
Altus, OK 73521

Joe Britton, Vice-President
200 Grissom Drive
Elk City, OK 73644

Ed Womack, Secretary
601 Cattlemen Dr
Elk City, OK 73644
580-225-5757  Cell: 580-243-8903

LeRoy Jones, Treasurer
521 S. 4th St.
Mountain View, OK 73062

Dr. L V Baker, Board Member
1221 N Randall Ave
Elk City, OK 73644

Landon Jones, Board Member
515 North Fleming St.
Cordell, OK 73632
Cell: 580-660-5751

Vic Schoonover, Board Member
PO Box 255
Snyder, OK

Debbie Lytle Smith, Board Member & National Secretary

4604 N. Wheeler
Bethany, OK 73008

Dale Tracy, Board Member
9230 North 1790 Road
Cheyenne, OK 73628


Dennis Vernon, Board Member
PO Box 131
Altus, OK 73522
Curt Walker, Board Member
PO Box 5
Butler, OK 73625
(no email)

Randy Beutler
1219 Birch
Weatherford, OK 73096
Cell: 580-243-8888

Creed Carter
319 Grissom Drive
Elk City, OK 73644
Cell: 580-799-5032

J.L. Courtney
11500 Greystone Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Steve Dock

512 West Electra
Mangum, OK 73554
580-782-3319  Cell: 580-471-9917

Maurice King
20886 E CR 159
Altus, OK 73521
580-477-1137   Cell: 580-471-2800

June Lovelace
Rt 1 Box 37
Hammon, OK 73650
580-473-2702   Cell: 580-445-6668

Gaye Reimer
2301 North Randall
Elk City, OK 73644
Cell: 580-393-1126

Debby Sandusky
PO Box 393
Canute, OK 73626

Jimmy Taylor
19847 E 1060 Rd
Elk City, OK 73644
580-225-0022   Cell: 405-609-4662


Jerry Thompson
1019 Amy Way
Elk City, OK 73644
580-225-4017   Cell: 580-799-1817

GWCT Association National Officers
Myra Busby, President
Cell: 940-256-3715

Phil McCuistian, Treasurer
2701 Highland Park
Vernon, TX 76384


Updated 10 Aug 2014

January 23, 2016 Minutes


Oklahoma Chapter GWCTA met at Quartz Mountain Lodge, Lake Altus-Lugert, January 23, 2016. Fourteen members and guests were present including Myra Busby, president, Phil McCuistion, treasurer, and Debbie Lytle Smith, secretary of the National GWCTA.


After lunch, the meeting was called to order by President Yudell Barton at 12:50 PM.


Minutes of the September 9, 2015 meeting and October 31, 2015 membership drive & get-together were read and approved as read.


Yudell gave the financial report of having a bank balance of $1822.56 as of January 1, 2016.


Ellena Womack reported 30 members had paid their 2016 dues. Four members paid at the meeting, bringing a total of 34 members paid of 46 membership. A letter will be mailed the first part of February to those remaining unpaid. It was agreed that anyone not having paid by March 15, 2016, will be dropped from membership. Jeff Bearden accepted the invitation to become a member of the Oklahoma Chapter. 


Yudell’s agenda was passed out with the following list of proposed projects to be considered for the coming year:

1.       Setting a granite monolith honoring John T. Lylte, who blazed the Great Western Trail into Nebraska. The stone would be inscribed with a picture (furnished by Debbie Lytle Smith) and a brief history of his involvement with the trail. The monument would be displayed at Doans, Texas. Phil suggested this could be a joint project of the Oklahoma and North Texas Chapters. Jeff Bearden of Vernon, Texas will get approval for setting the stone from local governing officials. Willis Granite Products gave an estimate of around $5000 for a 6 ft. tall by 2.5 ft. wide by 4 in. thick monument with inscription. Stephen Dock reported the granite monuments at the Mangum Museum Walk of Life cost less than $2000 each. Dean’s printing of Mangum handled the inscription on the stones. Phil also knew of a place that would charge much less for the monument. The different sources will be looked into. The cost would be split between the Oklahoma and North Texas chapters. All members present were in favor of this proposal.

2.       Have a meeting in the Woodward area to increase trail interest in the northern part of Oklahoma.

3.       Reviving the Vici Trail Drive. Ask Jim Peck to advise.

4.       Meetings to be held at the Mangum Museum, Elk City Museum, and to explore others as suggested.

5.       Sponsor and tour to attend Rodeo Team (Beutler & Son Rodeo Stock)

6.       Write a factual GWCT story so when told, the facts would always be the same. LeRoy Jones is now writing a factual history of the trail which will be finished soon.

7.       Someone to write a children’s book to preserve the history of the trail. Phil McCuistion noted his daughter Laura had written this type of book. It was mentioned that Pam Wright might have a pamphlet written for the Chisholm Trail’s 100 year celebration that could be used as a pattern. Debbie Smith suggested the Cowboy Artists of America might assist.

8.       The Day of the Cowboy, July 23, 2016. Activities were discussed for a chapter celebration. Discussion to continue.

9.       Dodge City, Kansas GWCTA National Meeting August 4, 5, 6, 2016. A strong attendance from the southern states is needed. A majority of members at the meeting are planning to attend.

10.   Sylvia Mahoney book signing: “Finding the Great Western Trail” will be at the Museum of the Western Prairie, Altus, OK, March 10, 2016 at 7 PM.


Stephen Dock noted having GPS coordinates on all the known Oklahoma modern day GWCT markers. He is requesting any factual noteworthy history about any of them. Phil McCuistion said the Rotarians had compiled such a book for Texas.


Stephen also pointed out that Gary & Margaret Kraisinger’s latest book “The Western Cattle Trail” clarified the trails that crossed the Red River west of Doan’s Crossing were feeder trails. Some joined the Western Trail further north with some staying west of the trail to different destinations. This probably accounts for the confusion in the number of livestock driven up the trail.


Phil reported the National Flag designed by J.L. Courtney, is being finished by his daughter Laura and will be shown at our next meeting.


Ed Womack contacted Art Peters who is marking the California Wagon Road across Oklahoma. They discussed setting markers where the Great Western Trail crossed the California Wagon Road north of Leedey later this spring. Art did this at the junction of the Chisholm Trail & California Wagon Road. Three markers were set, with the dates of the trail and road crossing. Art is the curator of Hinton Historical Museum.


The next meeting will be February 27, 2016 in Hinton, OK. The meeting and Dutch treat lunch will be at Gloria’s Kitchen at 12 o’clock noon. After the meeting, Art Peters will present a program at the Hinton Historical Museum, starting time 2 PM.


Directions to Gloria’s Kitchen from I-40 exit 101: 3 miles south, the restaurant is on the west side of the highway.

Coming from the south on Hwy 8, go 1 mile north from the 4-way stop in Hinton to the restaurant, west side of highway.


Hinton Historical Museum is one half (.5) mile south of the 4-way stop in Hinton on the east side of the highway.

From the south on Hwy 8, the museum is on the south side of Hinton on the east off highway.


Happy Trails.


Ed Womack