Best PS2 Emulators For Android in 2023

Best PS2 Emulators: Remember when console controllers were wired and there was no such thing as online gaming for home consoles? One of the most iconic of this type was one of the first Sony consoles, the PlayStation 2. Would you like to live those experiences again from your mobile? That is why we want to show you the best PS2 emulators for your Android phone.

Emulators For Android

This console stood out for its graphic section (one of the best for that time), a catalog of games that spanned more than 10 years, until 2013, and is listed as the best-selling console in all of history, closely followed only by the Nintendo DS. It was the console that gave home to some of the most iconic games in history such as GTA: San Andreas, Black, Halo, Tekken 3 and Metal Gear Solid 3, among many more.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to play them again from the comfort of your smartphone? If your answer is yes, let us show you how you can do it in this article.

How to Play PS2 Games on My Phone?

Of course. Mobile device technology has come a long way over the past few years, and now they’re capable of doing almost anything, including being able to play PlayStation 2 games, without much effort.

This is achieved by emulators. Emulators are programs that allow a system to run software from another platform. A case that can be pointed out is the Wii, to which you could insert a GameCube disc (predecessor console), and you could play it with a Wii controller or the GameCube itself. The console was able to emulate another. The same thing happens with the PlayStation 2 on our cell phone. How to Upload Music to Amazon Music

Top PlayStation 2 Emulators For Mobile

Before we start, we want to mention that we are only going to show you a list of emulators, not a top one, and that these are designed for devices that work with the Android operating system. There are emulators for iOS, but Jailbreak is required, and at SpaceFit we do not recommend it. Also, let us tell you what the minimum requirements are in order to have a good gaming experience using these emulators.

Processor: Snapdragon 400 or higher in frequencies.

Storage: 3-8 GB of free space to host one or more games.

RAM: 1 GB is enough to have a good framerate, and the current low ranges do not go below 2 GB of RAM.

Screen: 640x480p, which is the default resolution of the console.

Likewise, a lot of content on the internet introduces PSP emulators such as PPSSPP, these are NOT for PS2, there are very few emulators for PlayStation 2, and they are still working on them.

ePSXe – Emulators For Android

The following PlayStation emulator is ePSXe that runs games on both the PSX as well as the PSOne. It’s actually an PC version of the well-known game ePSXe. EPSXe offers a high quality of support, great performance, and excellent audio quality. ARM as well as Intel Atom X86 work right from the beginning with ePSXe. The emulator is able to run the majority of games with 60 frames per second and with the graphics at their most advanced levels.

Damon PS2 – Emulators For Android

DamonPS2 is a relatively new emulator in the PS2 emulation world, but it promises a lot when it comes to running games. This emulator has a fairly high compatibility with PlayStation 2 games, although it has some problems.

Because it is a new emulator, it is consequently buggy and some of the games it is capable of running are seen with graphical bugs, some more annoying than others. On the other hand, for some titles it is impossible to get to enjoy the gaming experience due to stutters and errors during emulation.

It is necessary to mention that in order to use it, it is necessary to download the BIOS of the PS2, as well as to have the games, since they are not included. This emulator has a paid version and a free one, the difference lies in the game save (with the free one you can save from the emulator and with the paid one as if you had a PS2), the free one has advertising when you start a game and fewer options for graphical enhancement of games (graphical rescaling).


Regarded as one of the few PS2 emulators, Play! It will help you to be able to play the titles of this incredible console. It is also available on Google Play and its developer has a GitHub page, so you can see its code and have complete confidence regarding its operation, you can see it by clicking here.

It is a new emulator too, and on its Google Play page they explain that it may not be compatible with your favorite video game. However, on GitHub, the developer has taken on the task of collecting each and every one of the games that are compatible. This list is constantly updated as many users test games and tell the developer how the emulator performs. You can see this list of games by going to the following link. Also, we recommend that you read this.

Among the games that we have to play we have GTA III, Metal Slug 3D, Devil May Cry 3, and many more, the list tells you the State of the game, if it is playable or not.

An important detail is that this emulator is compatible with external controllers, so a good gaming experience is guaranteed.

RetroArch – Emulators For Android

Finally, we have the RetroArch emulator, one that has been in the world of mobile emulation for some time, and that has an original version for computers, and that was ported to mobile devices some time ago. On its website we can see that it has support for ALL versions of Windows, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Apple macOS, OpenDingux, Xbox Series / One, Android and iOS, as well as for PS2, PS3, PS4, GameCube, Wii , Wii U and other platforms.

Now, this one has a very good compatibility with games, and achieves a fairly polished experience in all its sections. You can download it from Google Play, or for your computer from its website. Just like the last two emulators, this one doesn’t include the games, but we’ll talk about how you can get it later, don’t worry about it.

This emulator supports game cheats or MODs, no forced ads and even allows you to take screenshots and quick saves while playing something. Also, it not only emulates the PlayStation 2, but also the PSX, SNES, GameBoy and much more. How to Extend or Reset Trial Period of Any Software

What is Legality of Emulators?

You may be wondering, is it legal to use an emulator? Not only from PlayStation 2, but from any other console. Well, the answer is yes, it is completely legal to use an emulator, regardless of the console. However, there is something that is illegal, and it is the use of ROMs and ISOs of games for said consoles or emulators, downloaded from the internet and that are under copyright. However, how can we play with our emulators then?

How to Play PS2 Legally With an Emulator

You will surely want to know how you can use an emulator to play your favorite titles legally. Well, for this you can make a backup of your physical games, and this applies to all existing consoles.

In the case of PlayStation 2, you will need the CD or DVD of the game, a program on your PC that allows you to create images of a disc, it can be Nero, Imgburn, among others, and to create an image of the disc on your computer, it will be an ISO file. Now you just have to move this file to your phone (or emulator device) and run it from the emulator.

With this method you can also insert blank discs into your computer and burn the game to them, as long as the disc can store the title.

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