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Best 5 Free Driver Updater for Windows in 2023

Best Free Driver update software can help you update hardware device drivers that you have installed in your Windows system. Manufacturers develop these tools just to ensure that their hardware runs efficiently. Some updates are made to the driver to improve performance; others are to fix user-reported errors.

Free Driver Updater for Windows

Usually, driver updates are downloaded and installed automatically by the Windows Update Tool, especially if your system is running Windows 10. But sometimes, some drivers may be outdated, which is why driver update software comes in handy. We provide five of the best driver upgrade tools for Windows 10, which you can find on the market, just to make your selection easier.

 The best Free drivers update software for Windows 10/8/7

Smart driver update

Smart Driver Updater is a driver update tool that finds and updates outdated drivers from systems running Windows 10 and other versions of the operating system. Regular scanning with this tool will detect and replace outdated or damaged drivers, ensuring that your device is always fully operational and functioning properly.

 See the most important features included in the software:

  • Smart driver updates will ensure the stability of your system with just a few clicks.
  • The tool can analyze drivers on a PC, and it will recommend updating with a database of more than 1 million drivers for PC hardware.
  • Smart Driver Updater automatically finds the problem driver and downloads the correct version compatible with Windows 10.
  • This tool gives you instant access to all the latest drivers.
  • The Smart Driver Updater also backs up all drivers on your system, compressing them into zip files that can be easily exported and reinstalled.
  • The tool comes with a built-in scheduler so you don’t have to deal with problems caused by outdated drivers. The built-in scheduler automatically runs scans at your convenience.

 Check out more details of the Smart Driver Updater and download the tool from the Smart Driver Updater official website.            

Driver Reviver

You can use Driver Reviver to find and update all outdated drivers from a PC or laptop running Windows 10. This tool will ensure that your system is running at its best performance. Driver Reviver provides an easy and quick way to update drivers in three simple steps: scan the system, check the results, and update outdated drivers.

 Take a look at the basic features that come with this driver update tool:

  • By updating outdated drivers, Driver Reviver is able to fix bugs, errors and other issues in older drivers you may encounter.
  • This tool will improve the long-term reliability of the hardware.
  • Driver Reviver enhances the performance of the device.
  • It will also help you unlock and use the various special features supported by the hardware.
  • Driver Reviver helps your system support the latest hardware and software.
  • It improves compatibility with Windows 10.
  • Overall, the Reviver driver will ensure that the life of the computer is extended and kept up to date at all times.

 You can download the Driver Reviver from the official website.

Driver booster

Driver Booster is a free driver update tool for Windows that will automatically check your hardware for regularly outdated drivers. It will also download and update all outdated drivers with a single click. It can even download driver packages, and batch downloads will make it easier to download multiple device driver updates.

 Check out more features included in this handy tool:

  • It is compatible with all versions of Windows 10.
  • The driver booster supports hundreds of thousands of device drivers.
  • You don’t need to update the program manually every time you install a new driver into the database, because it updates automatically.
  • Hide installations and pop-ups to make the whole process as simple and fast as possible.
  • Your computer can be set to restart or shut down automatically when the installation process is complete.
  • You will be able to search all drivers found by this tool.
  • The driver booster will also search for outdated game components such as Microsoft DirectX Runtime and Adobe Flash Player.

It comes with a section called Tools, which includes tools for fixing sound issues, network failures, poor parsing, and more. Learn more about the features of this driver update tool by downloading the driver booster.

Free driver Scout

Free Driver Scout is one of the best driver updates and it is also free. It will search for updates and then download them, and it will automatically install all outdated device drivers without any further steps, clicks and other work. It supports all versions of Windows, including Windows 10.

 Take look at the most important features included in Free Driver Scout:

  • This will help get your computer up and running while getting rid of things that usually slow down your system
  • This program is created to update all drivers installed on your computer.
  • You won’t have to deal with Windows upgrades and your computer crashes.
  • This tool will also help you remove outdated, corrupted and defective drivers from your PC, and it will provide you with the latest version for free download.
  • Free Driver Scout v1.0 can backup and restore some or all installed drivers.
  • It includes a feature called the OS Migration Tool that allows you to download device drivers for different versions of Windows, which will come in handy if you are running an earlier version of the operating system and want to upgrade to Windows 10. .
  • After the tool finds hardware that requires a diver’s update, you can disable any of them to show up in future scans, which can be helpful for any hardware that you don’t want to update regularly.

 You can download the free driver Scout from the official website and enjoy its extended feature pack.

Driver Pack solution

The Driver Pack solution is also a free driver update tool that finds the appropriate device drivers for your system, then downloads and installs them. You don’t need to click through various wizards or installation tips.

 Take a look at the basic features included in this tool:

  • It works on all Windows versions including Windows 10.
  • Driver Pack Solution v17 is a lightweight software that will not take long to download and will quickly connect to the Internet for free online driver updates.
  • The tool is portable and you will be able to launch it from any folder or hard drive, as well as from any mobile device.
  • You can install all the drivers you need at once.
  • This tool works even if you don’t have a working network; you just need to download the Driver Pack network driver for the Driver Pack Offline version. The tool also comes with a bulk software download program that suggests programs you might want to add to your system.

Driver Updater for Windows: Final Word

These are the five best driver updater tools that are compatible with any system running Windows 10. Whatever you choose, you will be satisfied with how the software works, as they guarantee that the hardware will always be at its best.

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