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How to block contacts and addresses in Gmail?

Today we are going to teach you how to block contacts and addresses in Gmail. If there is a specific address that is sending you annoying emails or that you are not interested in anything, Google mail gives you the option to block that account so that you do not receive anything I send you again.

We are going to show you two ways to do these locks. First we will teach you how to do it with the blocking option that Gmail brings, and then we will teach you how to do it by applying filters in Gmail to choose what you want to do when you receive an email from that sender. Finally, we will teach you how to remove locks and filters.

Block a contact in Gmail

The easiest way to block a person in Gmail is through the direct option that you have when you are reading an email. For that you just have to locate and click on the email whose sender you want to block.

Once you have the email open, at the top right you will see the shortcut to reply. Click on the button with the down arrow that you have right next to it, and when you do so, a menu will be displayed with actions related to the email you are reading and its sender.

In this drop-down menu you will see many options. What you have to do here if you want to block the contact that sent you the email is to click on the Block option to contact name, which will automatically block it without having to do anything else.

Now you will see a screen asking you to confirm that you want to block your email. The only thing you have to do here is click on the Block button to confirm that you want to block it and that’s it, no more emails will come from that person.

It’s almost the same in the Gmail mobile app. When you open the email there will be a three-dot icon in the upper right area, and when you click on it, a menu with options about the email will be displayed. Here you just have to choose the option to block again and that’s it.

Block contact by creating a filter

Another method that you can use to block someone is to configure a filter that discards the emails of the contact that sends you a certain email. To do this, once you are in Gmail press the gear icon (1) that you have at the top right, and in the drop-down menu choose the Configuration option to enter the settings.

When you are in the Gmail configuration menu, click on the Filters and blocked addresses tab (1), and you will go to the section where you can review everything related to Gmail filters. Once there, click on the Create a filter (2) option and you will access the process of creating filters.

In the filter creation screen, now you just have to put in the section of the email of the person you want to block (1). When you do, click the Create a filter with these search criteria button (2), and you will create a filter that applies to all messages that reach you from the chosen email address.

Then you only have to choose what action to take with the messages that come to you from that email. If you choose Delete it will be as if you never received them, but you can also apply a label, category or omit them. As you prefer.

How to remove locks in Gmail

To remove the blocks you have to go back to the Gmail settings. To do this, press the gear icon (1) you have at the top right, and in the drop-down menu choose the Configuration option to enter the settings. Once inside you have to go back to the Filters and blocked addresses option.

If you have made a block by creating a filter, in Filters and blocked addresses, a list of all the filters you have configured will appear first. You just have to locate the one you have configured to perform a block and press Delete.

If you have blocked with the option to block, in Filters and blocked addresses you have to go down below everything, and after the list of filters you will have another list of blocks. Once there, look for the email of the contact you have deleted and press the unlock button that you will see just to your right.

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