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How to Connect Your iPhone to Your TV in 2023

Before the advent of smart phones, everyone’s entertainment at home was mainly watching TV, or using a computer to surf the Internet and play games, but now for many people to return home from work, a mobile phone is sufficient. (Eating and going to the toilet without interruption), the only disadvantage is that the screen is small.

Today the landlord will tell you a few ways to cast the screen of the mobile phone to a large screen device such as a TV, and move the video and games on the mobile phone to the big screen TV.

How to Connect Your Phone to Your Smart TV

Here we collect some best and easiest way to connect your phone to the TV

Apple AirPlay

The AirPlay function is a function available in iOS7 and above systems. Video, music, and photo files on the iPhone can be projected to the TV for wireless playback through the AirPlay function. Of course, the terminal device that supports the playback must also support the corresponding function.

Connection method

  • iPhone and TV / other large screen devices need to be connected to the same WiFi network environment.
  • Then pull up the control center from the bottom of the iPhone screen and click AirPlay to connect the available AirPlay terminal devices.
  • After connecting, select any local or online video on the iPhone, and it can be projected on the TV.


Android Miracast

Miracast is a technology in Android 4.2 and above. Miracast allows the content on the screen of the mobile phone to be wireless projected on large screens such as TVs. When the user operates the mobile phone, the large screen will also be synchronized. Not only can you watch videos, you can also play games, WeChat, Weibo, etc.

Connection method

  • First turn on the wireless display function of Android Smart TV and the system will prompt.
  • Turn on the wireless display function of the Android phone. Generally, you can find it in the “Other connection methods” of the mobile phone settings, and then you can find the TV with Miracast turned on, and then click on the connection. At this time, the wireless screen is successfully cast. (The wireless display function settings of different mobile phones are different, you can ask Du Niang according to your mobile phone model ~)


Whether it is Apple or Android, the advantages and disadvantages of wireless projection screens are similar:

Advantages: wireless transmission, no need for data cable connection, very convenient.

Disadvantages: The device is more demanding. Appleā€™s AirPlay requires the TV to have this function, and Android Miracast requires a mobile phone and TV with the Android operating system. In addition, the wireless projection screen is yet to be perfected, the network requirements are relatively high, the picture is unstable, and occasionally the screen is fancy.

HDMI connection

Speaking of HDMI, do you still remember that most mobile phones used to have an HDMI interface, and only needed an HDMI cable to connect to a TV (no smart TV required), and now mobile phones with an HDMI interface are almost extinct.

Connection method

  • Prepare a mobile phone HDMI high-definition data cable (no converter required).
  • After connecting the mobile phone and TV, switch the TV’s signal source to HDMI mode to play the picture on the mobile phone in real time.

Advantages: No smart TV is required, as long as the TV has an HDMI interface, and it supports high-definition picture quality output.

Disadvantages: Not many Android phones with HDMI interface, and do not support charging the phone; you need to buy a mobile phone HDMI cable.

MHL connection

Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL for short) is a high-definition audio and video standard interface for mobile terminals. MHL shares the USB data interface of Android phones and transmits audio and video with resolutions up to 1080P. And while audio and video output can charge the mobile phone, solve the problem of mobile phone power consumption. MHL connection is more extensive and popular than HDMI connection.

Connection method

  • Start the TV, connect the data interface of the mobile phone with the HDMI interface of the TV with an MHL cable, and plug the USB power supply interface of the MHL cable into the power supply, which can avoid the problem of the screen flashing and black screen caused by the low battery power.
  • In the TV’s input signal menu, select the input signal as “HDMI”, the TV will start to recognize and read the content of the mobile phone to achieve the same screen operation. If the TV does not respond, unplug the mobile phone end and re-insert it.

Advantages: strong compatibility, no smart TV is required, as long as the TV has an HDMI interface, it can be connected, and it supports high-definition image quality output; it can charge the mobile phone at the same time, avoiding the mobile phone to shut down without power.

Disadvantages: MHL standard interface cables need to be purchased.

Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei, Samsung, vivo, HTC, etc. have all launched many MHL-enabled phones. Want to know if your mobile phone support is not supported. Just go to MHL’s official website and scan the test QR code at the bottom of the homepage.

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