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How to Track Your Mobile Number Location and Name

Mobile phone positioning and tracking system refers to a technology or service for obtaining the location information (latitude and longitude coordinates) of a mobile phone or an end user through a specific positioning technology, and marking the location of an object on an electronic map.

How to Track Your Mobile Number Location

The mobile phone positioning system is not necessarily the mobile phone GPS positioning. There are two positioning technologies, one is GPS-based positioning, and the other is base station positioning based on a mobile operating network. The GPS-based positioning method uses the GPS positioning module on the mobile phone to send its own position signal to the positioning background to achieve mobile phone positioning. Base station positioning uses the measured distance of the base station to determine the mobile phone’s location. The latter does not require the mobile phone to have GPS positioning capabilities. The former has higher positioning accuracy.

With the number, you can easily know the other party’s location, call and other information content, Suitable for investigation-forensics, etc.

Methods How to Track Mobile Number Location

Track Mobile Number Using Truecaller

  • Visit the Truecaller website, select your country, and enter your mobile number in the search bar.
  • After entering your phone number, you must track your mobile number with your logged in Facebook / Google account.
  • Now log in, and you can track the location and owner name of any mobile number.

Track Mobile Number Location Using Software

  • First install the Kofidah software card core on the mobile phone, and look for the “GPS Positioning System” function program in the menu
  • After opening the program, select the function you need. The system prompts you to enter the number and follow the prompts.
  • Press the confirmation key to run the program. The program will run for about 3 minutes for the first time. Display location (there are two display methods, map or text, which must be selected first).
  • This step is simple, the phone will display login, enter the password; there will be five options after entering.
  • Enter the number of the other party and press OK to display the HD map.


  • The phone was so hot that it took me two hours to run out of power. It may be that the mobile phone signal is enhanced. When not in use, it is recommended to disable this function.
  • Installation Genuine [Keida Software]

Track Mobile Number Location using Internet4Mobile

  • At first, visit Internet4Mobile website.
  • Enter your mobile number in Mobile Code box.
  • Click submit button.

Now you will see your mobile code, State, Reference City and Service Provider.

Final Word

This is how you can Track you mobile number location. We hope you like the article; please shear with your friends using social media.

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