The Top 20 Instagram Female Influencers: Shaping the Digital Landscape

Instagram is the ideal platform, not just to share your thoughts but also to earn an income out from the platform by making yourself an influential.

And on top of that on top of that, it is one of the most female-driven platforms. What I refer to by it is that there are more female influencers than males. According to Statista the world over, 84% of influencers that create commercial content are females, while 16 percent are males..

Then, check out some of the top influential influencers of Instagram on this page for ideas for your own content, and possibly even collaborate with them to increase your followers.

20 Biggest Female Influencers on Instagram

  1. Huda Kattan ( 50.8M followers)
  2. Addison Rae (40.1M users)
  3. Kim Loaiza (35.5M followers)
  4. Arishfa Khan (29.3M followers)
  5. Charli D’Amelio (29M followers)
  6. Chiara Ferragni (27.6M followers)
  7. Sommer Ray (26.4M users)
  8. Loren Gray (23.3M followers)
  9. Liza Koshy (20.1M followers)
  10. Domelipa (19.3M users)
  11. Avani (18.8M followers)
  12. Yuya (17.1M followers)
  13. Nikkie Tutorials (16.4M followers)
  14. Emma Chamberlain (15.9M followers)
  15. Kayla Itsines (14.9M followers)
  16. Joanna Stevens Gains (13.6M Followers)
  17. Lilly Singh (12M followers)
  18. Zoe Sugg (9.3M followers)
  19. Celeste Barber (9.2M followers)
  20. Marzia Kjellberg (8.2M followers)

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Most Instagram-loving Influencers

#1 Huda Kattan ( 50.8M followers)

The founder of the cosmetics brand Huda Beauty, Huda Kattan is an American makeup artist, beauty blogger and of course, an businesswoman.

There is a follow button on her account. can follow her blog for tips on beauty and makeup and tutorials.

Visit Huda Kattan/ Huda Beauty Instagram Account

#2 Addison Rae (40.1M followers)

through Tiktok she gained fame by making dancing videos. By 2021 Forbes included Addison Rae in the ” 30 Under 30” list of social media influencers.

In the account Instagram page, Rae posts her daily life events and also posts advertising photos or videos you can check out by being a follower.

Click here to Addison Rae Instagram Account

#3 Kim Loaiza (35.5M followers)

Kimberly Guadalupe Loaiza Martinez, often referred to Kimberly Loaiza or Kim Loaiza began her professional career via Youtube.

In the beginning, Loaiza made hair tutorials, makeup videos and even trivia for girls However, in the last few years you can see her content was changed to challenges as well as tags with her pals as well as videos.

Go to Kim’s Instagram Account

#4 Arishfa Khan (29.3M followers)

The actress is one of the biggest IG influencers in India as well as an actress who is a part of soap operas.

Sayyed Arishfa Khan makes humor, lip sync beauty, promotional content for her account. You can also see videos and images of her lifestyle.

Click here to Arishfa Khan Instagram Account

#5 Charli D’Amelio (29M followers)

Before becoming a social media star, Charli D’Amelio was a professional dancer. She uploaded dance videos to TikTok which began to trend in the app.

Check out her Instagram account to see photos along with videos about her life as well as promotional events.

Go to Charli D’Amelio Instagram Account

#6 Chiara Ferragni (27.6M followers)

An Italian blogger, model, fashion designer and digital entrepreneur, who collaborates with brands of beauty and fashion.

To date, Chiara won many awards and accolades in her career. She is one of the top women influencers that you should follow.

Go to Chiara Ferragni Instagram Account

#7 Sommer Ray (26.4M followers)

Popular for her fitness YouTube videos Sommer Ray is one of the most viewed Instagram influential influencers for fitness..

She is the manager of her own brand of women’s activewear and is the founding member of Imarais beauty.

Visit Sommer Ray’s Instagram Account

#8 Loren Gray (23.3M followers)

A native of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Loren Gray Beech is a popular American social media celebrity, model, and singer. Sign up to her account and you can check out her promotional, behind-the-scenes scenes and life photos along with videos.

Visit Loren Gray Instagram Account

#9 Liza Koshy (20.1M followers)

Popularly referred to for her role as Liza Koshy, Elizabeth Shaila Koshy began her professional career in the year 2013 with Vine. If you search her name on the internet, you can find the fact that she is a famous American comedian, actress and online celebrity.

Her YouTube account has a record number of 17 million users. Therefore, we recommend you follow her social media accounts.

Go to Liza’s Koshy Instagram Account

#10 Domelipa (19.3M followers)

This is one of the most followed Instagram accounts in Mexica. Domelipa is most well-known for her lip syncs and choreographed videos that she has posted on Tiktok.

You can discover that this teen social media star is also a YouTuber.

Log on to Domelipa Instagram Account

#11 Avani (18.8M followers)

In the year 2019 Avani received the Shorty award (for real-time short form content) as Tiktoker. Avani Kiana Gregg formerly called Avani is an American makeup artist.

Log in to her account to look at her daily life, promotional images as well as videos.

Log on to Avani Instagram Account

#12 Yuya (17.1M followers)

After winning a contest for makeup in the year 2009 Yuya (originally, Mariand Castrejon Castaneda) was the first to launch her Youtube channel “lady16makeup”.

Through the account IG Instagram account, she uploads fashion and beauty photos and the daily experiences of her life. Additionally, you may purchase cosmetics through her website.

Log on to Yuya Instagram Account

#13 Nikkie Tutorials (16.4M followers)

Nikkie de Jager, a makeup artist from the Netherlands, developed Nikkie Tutorials and became a beauty Vlogger. Through her YouTube video “The Beauty Power of Makeup” her popularity grew in 2015. Her video inspired numerous people to show their face both without and with makeup.

If you are looking for tips in cosmetics, it is recommended that you should follow her blog for all types of makeup techniques.

Visit Nikkie Tutorials Instagram account

#14 Emma Chamberlain (15.9M followers)

The list of The Times 100 Next and 25 Most influential people in the Internet in 2019 because of her video-blog manner in Youtube video. In addition, in this same year, she was also awarded the “Best Podcaster” award in the 12th Shorty awards by in the process of launching a ” Anything Goes”weekly podcast series.

As you can be able to Emma Chamberlain is one of the most popular Instagram accounts anyone should follow.

Click here to Emma Chamberlain Instagram Account

#15 Kayla Itsines (14.9M followers)

The co-creator of meal-planning and workout application, Sweat also the author of the series on fitness books ” Bikini Body Guides .

You should follow her workout and fitness videos by joining her Kayla Itsines IG Instagram account by clicking on the link below.

Visit Kayla Itsiness Instagram Profile

16 Joanna Stevens Gaines (13.6M followers)

The most genuine influencer you can discover in Instagram is Joanna Gaines. Joanna Gaines is the co-founder and founder of Magnolia which is an online fashion brand that focuses on lifestyle..

In reality you should look at her photos of her garden, daily life events, as well as advertising photos and videos posted on her Instagram account.

Visit the Joanna Gaines Instagram Account

#17 Lilly Singh (12M followers)

With the name of Superwoman , Lilly Singh began her career as a YouTuber and then went on to become the talk show host of ” A Little Late with Lilly Singh” which released its final episode in 2021.

Lilly is currently is the most popular Instagram influencer in the modern age. When you follow Lilly’s account you will discover her original content, behind-the scenes footage and details about her life.

Log on to Lilly Singh Instagram Account

18 Zoe Sugg (9.3M followers)

A bestselling author businessperson, entrepreneur, also a popular social media user, Zoe Elizabeth Sugg is most well-known by her YouTube username Zoella.

On Instagram she mostly posts the experiences of her family along with promotional photosor videos of her co-created applications – Filmm, Template, and the Zoella Beauty brand. Zoella Beauty.

Log into Zoe Sugg’s Instagram Account

#19 Celeste Barber (9.2M followers)

born in Sydney, Australia, Celeste Barber is a comedian and one of the female influencers on IG.

If you’re looking to have laughter and be inspired to write content with a great ability to laugh, you should follow her blog.

Go to Celeste Barber Instagram Account

#20 Marzia Kjellberg (8.2M followers)

She gained fame through her YouTube videos. Youtube channel Marzia which was previously CutiePieMarzia which is currently inactive. In the present, Marzia is the manager of the Mai and Tsuki brand names.

Her account is a great way to see her daily life photos along with videos.

Go to Marzia Instagram Account


The world are in the age of revolution of digital technology which is why influencer-based marketing is increasing more quickly than ever before. It is the perfect time to be an influential person and make money or by starting your own company or by making promotional content.

Even even if are not an expert If you’re not an expert, even if you’re not a professional, can keep track of top Instagram influencers to gain ideas for making beautiful photos or videos/clips.

If you are operating an enterprise, you should start creating interesting content for the IG account by signing up to the most well-known female influencers.

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