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Is Softonic Safe and Legit Site to Download Software ?

When you run Windows there are hundreds of websites that allow you to download games and software. Download your most-loved applications through Microsoft Store Microsoft Store if you want to use something different than third-party websites.

Is Softonic Safe

If you are a frequent user of the latest software available, you might be familiar with a site known as Softonic. Softonic is a website which offers users software for free. However, the main question is, can you trust it to be safe and legal for you to utilize Softonic?

A brand new Windows user must think carefully before downloading any software downloaded from third-party websites. It’s crucial to verify that the website that offers free software is safe and authentic. However, before you can comprehend the above it is important to understand the background of Softonic International.

What is Softonic?

Softonic is in essence a site. Its corporate address is Softonic International, and its website is based within Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

The site was launched into the month of June in 1997 and, up to the present, it’s providing users for free Windows Apps, Games, Android apps, and a host of other services.

There are many more items at Softonic’s website. Softonic website, including Roblox Games, Chrome Extensions, Browser Games, etc.

According to the site,, which is the primary domain for the company has more than 100 million monthly visitors. This is what makes Softonic among the largest applications as well as software platform.

Most importantly, Softonic is accessible from smartphones too. Softonic has a user-friendly interface that is well-loaded in mobile web browsers.

The app’s integration with smartphones guarantees that mobile users are able to download apps without relying upon the app store’s official stores.

Is Softonic Safe?

Let’s move on to the principal section of this article. Prior to downloading any program, you should think, ‘ is it secure to download the software from Softonic‘.

The official website states that Softonic is a secure online platform to download games and software. According to the website it has experts who examine the software.

If we must believe that, Softonic is a safe website to download games and software. However, there are certain things you need to be aware of.

A few reviews from users on forums such as Reddit, Quora, etc. The reviews state that the website isn’t 100% safe and reliable. This is due to the fact that it does not host the entire software on its servers. If you click the button to download, it pulls links to download from its official website and provides you with the download.

The issue is that the source from which it gets the download link has been affected; you’ll be downloading a phishing file. Therefore, there are always some unintentional criteria and risks when downloading software via third-party sites.

The website has never had to face significant criticism from its users for distributing malware-ridden files. This makes it one of the top and most reliable sources for Windows games and software.

Is Softonic Legal to Use?

If the website is accessible in your region, it’s 100% legal to use Softonic. You can download the program without fearing any consequences or legal concerns.

The website claims to offer free software, but that’s not always accurate. If you purchase premium software on the website after installing it it’ll ask you to input the information about your purchase.

This site will provide you with the installation file and the way you use the installation files depends on your preferences. For instance, if attempt to download the Avast Premium antivirus, you will be provided with the installation files. After installation you are able to only try the trial version the program, and following this, you will be required to purchase the license in order to keep using it.

Softonic Reviews Are they legitimate and safe?

Trustpilot is among the most popular websites that reviews companies and lets you know whether they are trustworthy.

The site had previously evaluated Softonic and provided favorable reviews. The site rates Softonic 4.3 from five stars. In addition Softonic also offers a an area for reviews that gives real user reviews.

However, some reviews state that the website tries to install bundle applications. It’s therefore recommended to check the files prior to downloading the files.

How do I download software from Softonic?

Once you’ve figured out the basics of what Softonic can be, you might need to know how you can obtain software through it. It’s relatively easy for you to legally download programs through Softonic. Follow the steps below.

1. Start by opening your preferred web browser, then go to

2. You’ll see a large Search toolbar on the home page. You must use it to find your preferred software.

3. For instance, we’ll install Avast Free Antivirus. It must be opened and then click the “Free Download” button.

4. After clicking the ‘Free Download’ button will initiate the download of Avast Free Antivirus on your personal computer.

That’s it! It is important to follow the exact steps for each software you wish to download.

How do I Download Secure material through Softonic?

The majority of files on Softonic are legal and safe to download. However, sifting through downloaded files prior to installing them is recommended.

This is due to the fact that If Softonic gets attacked or compromised by hackers, it could introduce malicious code into Softonic and cause it to be infected with malicious code. It is therefore recommended to check the files prior to installing them to ensure that they are safe.

Also, make sure that the software you download from Softonic are up-to-date. Older software could contain glitches or bugs which could cause issues. Additionally, older versions of applications are more prone to cybersecurity-related attacks.

Final Worlds

This guide is about Is Softonic legal and safe. We’ve tried to answer your queries about Softonic. If you need further help regarding this subject please let us know via the comment section. Also, if this article was helpful to you, make sure to share the article with your fellow readers.

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