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How to View and Recover Hidden Files on Android in 2023?

Are you looking for hidden files on Android but don’t know how?

When this type of situation occurs to any Android user, it is really difficult to handle the situation. Since the files that were hidden can be important and the worst thing is that nobody knows how to recover them, right?

We all know that Android phones are very popular because of their simplicity and advanced features. There are many Android phone manufacturers available in the market, such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Gionee, etc. and each of them has its own brand value.

Recover Hidden Files on Android

However, what happens here is that by default some files or folders saved on Android phone are hidden and you don’t know how. Now in some cases you can’t even see those files or folders so this is really frustrating.

However, when such things happen, there are ways to address the situation where you can view and retrieve hidden files on Android phone.

So, here on this blog, I will give you a complete guide on how to recover deleted hidden files on Android phone. But before we go to any solution, let’s look at an informed user experience about the same situation.

Is there a deleted folder on Android phones?

No, there is no deleted folder available on the Android phone.

Many users think of having a recycle bin option on the Android phone, but unlike the computer, the Android phone does not have that option, but yes, nowadays, many phones come with the “Trash” option. Other than that, the Android device comes with either 32GB to 256GB or 512GB of storage space.

In fact, if your phone has the Trash option, there is also a risk that the storage will be filled with unnecessary files that can cause the phone to crash.

How do I show hidden files on Android?

Many users ask how to find hidden files on Android? Hidden files can be seen by going to File manager> click Menu> Settings. Now go to the advanced option and activate “Show hidden files”. You can now access files that were previously hidden.

How do I see hidden files on the SD card?

Viewing hidden files on the SD card is also easy. Just open any folder on the SD card> choose organize> then folder and search option> choose View under hidden files and folders> select “Show hidden files, folders and drives”.

Then uncheck “Hide protected operating system files” and tap OK. When a pop-up window occurs, click Yes and now you can easily see the hidden files on the SD card.

Method 1: How to find and recover deleted hidden files on Android using ES File Explorer?

In general, Android users use various applications to hide their files, such as Gallery Vault, File Hide Expert, Hide Pro, etc. If so, it is easy to find and show hidden files on Android with ES File Explorer.

Here are the steps below that will guide you on how to view and recover hidden files on Android:

  • First, install ES File Explorer from Google Play Store.
  • Then slide the right menu and choose the Tools option.
  • Now go down and select “Show hidden files”.
  • Please enable it and all your hidden files will be seen on the Android phone.

This solution has helped many users to view and recover hidden files on Android mobile devices.

Method 2: How to find hidden files on Android using Default File Manager

  • First open the default File Manager
  • Now click on the Menu option and choose “Show hidden files”
  • Then your hidden files and folders will be seen on the Android phone
  • If you also want to hide any file or folder, click Menu> choose the option “Hide hidden files”

Method 3: How to show files / folders on Android phone using gallery

  • First, go to the Gallery app on your Android phone
  • Then click on Gallery Menu and choose Settings
  • Now finally click on “Show hidden files”

Additional tips on how to recover hidden files on Android Mobile

  • When you save any file name with a dot (.) In front, just go to My files on your phone and tap Settings Here enable the option “Show hidden files”. After that, you will be able to see the hidden files. And remember to delete the period (.) After which the files will no longer be hidden.
  • If you have hidden your files with Gallery Lock application and if you have forgotten the password, to see the files, follow the steps: go to / SD card / data and you will be able to see the files that were hidden with .glk. files with this extension are not visible. So what you have to say just copy the files and paste them into any other folder and change the extension to .jpeg to see the files.

Method 4: best ways to recover deleted hidden files on Android using Android Data Recovery

When all the above methods don’t work to recover hidden files on Android mobile devices, the last solution is to use recovery tool like Android Data Recovery. This is a professional and most recommended solution that helps to recover deleted hidden files from Android phone with ease.

It has a powerful scanning algorithm that works effectively to find and recover missing Android files. No matter what files are hidden or missing, using this toll will restore all the lost items like photos, videos, contacts, documents, notes, WhatsApp chats, call logs, audio files and many others.

So instead of worrying a lot, it’s time to download Android Data Recovery software and recover deleted hidden files on Android phone.

Recover Hidden Files on Android: Conclusion

Thus, you will find that you can now access all the files that were hidden on your Android by following the manual steps mentioned above. However, if manual methods fail, you can always use Android data recovery software and easily find, show and recover hidden files with a few simple mouse clicks.

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