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Who Viewed My Facebook/fb Profile Mostly in 2023?

When I’m doing some ego-surfing I always check my Facebook profile. I can see a number of likes, comments and shares on my posts. It certainly helps to boost my ego. Then, another question came to my mind. Can I see that viewed my profile on Facebook? I found the answer.

We must also know the negative aspects of social media. Some people find voyeuristic enjoyment in watching the photos and private lives of other people. You can act immediately if you discover that someone has visited your profile without your permission.

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

Our curious minds are always eager to know who is interested in our Facebook profile. We have a solution for such curious souls. You can check who has viewed your Facebook profile. Let’s move on to the process.

There is currently only one method that works. Analyze the source page of your Facebook profile.

How can you track who visits your Facebook page and when?

You can see who’s been viewing your profile without having to download an app. You can find out who is viewing your Facebook page by looking at the source code. Check out our tutorial to learn how you can change your Facebook privacy settings.

Let’s now get to the steps on how to see who visits your Facebook profile. You can use any web browser, whether it’s on a Mac or PC.

Who is the biggest Facebook fan?

1. Log in to

Open using the web browser of your choice. Enter your email address, phone number, and password to log in to your Facebook profile.

2. Open your Facebook profile page.

Click Your Name at the top-right corner to access your profile.

3. Click on View page source after clicking the page.

Click on any blank space along the side of your profile. A small menu will appear. Select View page source from the menu.

You can also use Ctrl+U on your keyboard as a shortcut. This is true for the majority of popular web browsers.

4. Press Ctrl+ f on your keyboard. Then type in “InitialChatFriendsList”.

You should now be on a page that contains a lot of letters, numbers and words. These are the codes for your profile page. This page is likely to be confusing for most people. Hold down the “Ctrl key” on your keyboard, then press “F”. This will help you find the section of code that shows who is looking at your profile the most.

This allows you to search on the current page for a specific text. A text box will then appear on your screen. In the text box, type in “InitialChatFriendsList” – but don’t include the quotation marks. You’ll see a list of numbers codes next to this code that represent the profiles of your friends.

5. You can see the results by pasting the ID number of the profile into the Facebook URL.

You now have a list of the profile number codes. It’s time to discover what these codes mean. Copy one of the codes from the list and paste it into your clipboard. This can be done by clicking on the number and dragging the mouse cursor over it, and then pressing “Ctrl and “C” together.

Click in the address bar of your browser and then press “Ctrl”, “P”, and the “P” key on your keyboard to paste the code into the Facebook URL. The is required, followed by the “/” sign and the code. If the profile ID was 12345 you would enter

Repeat this step to view the profiles of the people who have viewed your profile most.

You might wonder, after you’ve gone through all of the ID numbers, if all these people actually look at your profile. How often do they check your profile? This list is it accurate? Let’s give you the inside scoop.


That’s all, now you can fix the problem and know who viewed your Facebook profile.  if you find any difficulty then know us by comment. We hope you enjoy the article shear with your friends. Keep visiting our site for new tech updates.

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